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MPH Summer camp returns in July

 Save The Date  July 21st-25th

Details to follow!

Remember when you were a kid and pick-up games were played at a moment’s notice.   You learned how to swing a bat or kick a ball with your friends just by choosing sides and starting a game.  You honed your skills, played by the rules, arbitrated disagreements – and learned to love the game. 

Today, you realize that many of the values that make you successful as an employee, as a manager, or as a parent were learned on those varnished courts or grass fields. 

MPHFC recognizes that soccer is a game.  It is competitive, it can be rough, and it celebrates both discipline and creativity; but at its heart, it should be fun to play.  Our teams and coaches reflect this attitude. 

We strive for excellence but not at the expense of fair play.  We train kids to be athletes, to compete, to think, to sacrifice, to respect, but we recognize that your child’s ultimate pursuits in life will be determined in the classroom and by the values that you instill in them.  MPHFC wants to be part of your child’s journey.

MPHFC encourages its players to pursue excellence, not just on the soccer field, but also in other pursuits.  We celebrate accomplishments in swimming, lacrosse, volleyball, spelling bees, and science fairs.  We cherish the fact that many of our teams stay together for years and years with only minimal turnover.  MPHFC is road trips.   MPHFC is Carolina Blue and Black.  MPHFC is success.  We are MPHFC!


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